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HearthStone Fanart - Chromie by animator00 HearthStone Fanart - Chromie :iconanimator00:animator00 14 0 Hots Master Chromie by polydrawer Hots Master Chromie :iconpolydrawer:polydrawer 18 4
Neira the High Priestess data sheet
APPEARANCE (credits to Ruinfield for wrote part of this section. Thanks!) 
Neira is a young draenei priestess (looks mid 20) and the Avatar of her Goddess, Berenice, Goddess of Life, Beauty and Love (some people think that her nice look is because she is the Avatar of the Goddess. Neira once stated that she doesn't gain any weight from eating food). 
With a height is pretty common among a draenei female, she has purple tinted skin and two dark purple horns that expanded outward just a few inches out of her head before slightly bending backwards. Her ears were pointed almost in an elf like fashion and gleaming green hair, shining like silken thread, that flowed down to the middle of her back with a good part of it hanging forward over her left light green eye shielded by a thin eyebrow and a perky nose, cute as a button upon her face. But what caught the eyes are the massive bosom that she had that was very well looked like they were about to fall out of
:iconfranarok:franarok 11 29
Parade of the Jellyfish by SaccharoKirby Parade of the Jellyfish :iconsaccharokirby:SaccharoKirby 198 22 Female Night Elf Druid Pinup by Felox08 Female Night Elf Druid Pinup :iconfelox08:Felox08 324 19 Team JNGL by Samulady Team JNGL :iconsamulady:Samulady 29 12 My Commissions Info by 2234083174 My Commissions Info :icon2234083174:2234083174 25 31

Alola! <3 I hit 1000 Watchers (Watch it go to 999 now ;w; )! <33
So it's raffle time! <33 I love you guys so much so i guess i have some interesting things for the raffle this time!
Of course like the last raffle (Oh my it was at 250 watchers, oh how time flies~ :heart: ) You get to choose the prizes, this may seem a bit underwhelming unlike the last one but i thought it was a good idea anyway~ :heart: Plus to say thanks guys! <33 You get to choose from the prizes!
EVERY PRIZE CONTAINS A 50% discount on the next commission to me.


Red Package:
500 Points! :points:
Green Package:
1 Month Core!
Blue Package:
A Chibi Drawing!

Yellow Package:
A Thigh up Drawing!

Purple Package:
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Mature content
pyrrha naked :icongothicbolas:GothicBolas 33 1


Tales of Vale App - Zelena Mashiro
And here's another Tales of Remnant App, this time, she'll be submitted to :icontales-of-vale:. Again, I'd like to thank :iconbushtuckapenguin: and :iconsamulady: for their awesome art, and Gumby over on AA for the awesome art of her weapon.

Zelena Mashiro

Zelena: Selena, the Grecian Goddess of the moon, which is often depicted as a silvery-white color. Her last name, “Mashiro” literally translates to “pure white” in Japanese.

Origin & Influences (optional):

Selena, the Grecian goddess of the moon.

Basic Info




White, silver (Aura and Semblance color), blue






Faunus, based on the American Shorthair cat.

Year and Team or Professions:

Freshman (First Year), Former pop star


Beacon Academy, Lazuli (former)


Zelena stands about 5'6", has blue eyes, with white hair tied into a ponytail, white cat ears, and naturally fair skin. She wears a white sleeveless top, trimmed in gold and open at the chest, with her symbol over the left breast, over a blue sleeveless keyhole top, tight black pants, black fingerless gloves that extend to almost her elbows, and black laceless slip-on shoes.


Zelena is often described as "happy-go-lucky", always cheerful, and difficult to make sad. Her cheer can often be seen as annoying by some people, and she often pounces on those she's particularly fond of. She has an ever-present smile on her face, and is eternally optimistic, believing that no matter how dire things look, there's always something good about it.

Zelena dislikes fighting, but will not hesitate to fight if she feels there's no other option. However, she does not hesitate to fight Grimm at all, knowing that they cannot be reasoned with, and innocent lives could be put at risk. While not a social butterfly, Zelena does like to go out on occasion and unwind, often going to a karaoke bar. She hates to go to such places alone, but her infectious smile and a cute "Pleeeeease?" can get a few people to go with her. In her free time, she can often be found with her nose glued to her computer screen, playing World of Huntercraft. She also collects memorabilia from her favorite game.


Zelena moved to Vale with her mother shortly after her birth. When she was 15, she was discovered by a recording agent while performing at a local karaoke bar, and wound up forming the group Lazuli with four other teens. As the group toured, they often had Hunters and Huntresses that would protect them from roving packs of Grimm and bandits, with whom Zelena would often speak. On their way to a performance in Vacuo, the group was attacked by a pack of Grimm. While the pack was eventually killed, it cost the lives of a few of the hunters, one of whom died in Zelena’s arms after she had dragged him from the transport. After his death, Zelena, in a moment of clarity, decided to leave Lazuli, and become a Huntress to honor the hunter’s memory.


Aura and Semblance:

Zelena has a silver aura that radiates off her like moonlight whenever it's active.

Zelena can track a person based on their Aura or Semblance, making it difficult to hide from her. This has a flaw however, as in areas with large numbers of Aura/Semblance users, this can be overwhelmed and rendered useless (Beacon would be a prime example of this). Inorganic beings (Penny for example) and those without a Semblance or Aura also cannot be tracked by Zelena. When Zelena uses her power, her eyes glow softly white, and her vision turns to greyscale, with the only color being the traces of the Auras/Semblances in the area, including whatever she's tracking (For clarity, this will be the color that the character(s) she's tracking are associated with, for example, Ruby would be red). Grimm appear as "voids" in Zelena's sight, however, she is not yet aware of this, and as of now, they have no visibility on her Semblance, similar to those humans/faunas/inorganic beings without Semblances/Auras, if not being completely invisible, as Zelena can still see the outlines of other beings.


Zelena carries a pair of chakram discs named Crystal Moons. These can easily be thrown, and due to their shaping, they always boomerang back to Zelena to grip by their handle unless they get caught, blocked, or stuck. (For example, Pyrrha's Semblance of polarity would easily be able to deflect their flight path.) Thanks to their handles, Zelena can use them in a similar manner to curved swords, just with a much greater curve than normal. The handles themselves contain chambers that Dust canisters can be inserted into, which infuses the chakram with the type of Dust, creating different effects.

Fighting Style:

Zelena tends to throw her chakram to distract or damage her opponent at range before closing in and slashing with them, relying on her natural agility to avoid harm. Due to her relative inexperience compared to her classmates, Zelena does tend to make mistakes in combat, and recovering from them can be difficult for her. She has very little in the way of unarmed combat training, so if she is separated from her chakram, she has little to fall back on, however, she can throw her Dust cartridges much in the way of grenades.


None just yet.


  • Zelena became a large fan of online gaming due to her desire for anonymity after leaving Lazuli. This was because of some of the more… “serious” fans of the group blaming her for the group’s breakup after she left. (Think like how most of the Beatles’ fans blame Yoko Ono for that group’s breakup.)

  • Zelena is a lesbian, and had a crush on one of her former groupmates, but has since moved on.

  • Zelena still keeps in touch with her former groupmates.

  • Much like other cat Faunus, Zelena has an insatiable appetite for fish, with a preference for cod or salmon.

So, recently, I submitted this to my DA gallery:

Chrysocolla Tales of Atlas Application by LeagueofDevack

This was done for a series of groups done by my friend :iconsamulady:

Tales of Remnant was recently established as a place where various RWBY RPers can go and enjoy themselves with other members of the RWBY community. You can be a Huntsman in training, a member of a school's staff, a citizen of one of the Kingdoms, or even a minion of Salem herself. 

To join, go to any of the groups listed below, read the rules, and create your own OC. And if you have any questions, contact Samulady or any of the admins of each of the groups.

And if you know someone who's a fan of RWBY and wants to RP in that universe, let them know!

:icontales-of-vale: :icontales-of-atlas: :icontales-of-vacuo: :icontales-of-mistral: :icontales-of-menagerie:
  • Reading: World of Warcraft: Tides of War
  • Watching: Preach Gaming
  • Playing: World of Warcraft
  • Drinking: A tasty mix of berry juice and Sprite
Chrysocolla Tales of Atlas Application

Well, my friend :iconsamulady: recently launched her new Tales of Remnant series of RWBY RP groups (I'll do a Journal on them to explain them in greater detail), and I figured now was the time to get into them at the ground floor. I briefly considered making an entirely new RWBY OC for use in the groups, then I figured that dear Chrys here didn't get enough attention over on Arcadia Academy, so I decided to rework her for use in the Tales of Atlas Group. The following is the complete OC bio for use by the Tales of Atlas group, and I REALLY want to thank :iconbushtuckapenguin: and :iconsamulady: for the awesome artwork used here and the template itself, which can be found in Samulady's gallery.


Chrysocolla Borealis. Chrysocolla is a gemstone quality hydrous copper silicate, often forming with copper salts, iron and manganese oxides, and often appears in blue hues. Her last name, “Borealis”, means “of the North” and is a reference to her home in the northernmost part of Atlas.

Basic Information:




Blue, violet, Ice blue (Aura)






Faunus, based upon the Fairy (AKA Little Blue) Penguin. Her Faunus trait is soft, downy, blue feathers at the back of her neck, extending to over her ears.

Year and Team or Professions:



Atlas Academy


Chrys stands about 5’7” (1.7018 meters) tall, weighing about 130 pounds (58.967 kilograms), with a slighter than average build, blue eyes and light blue hair, with a somewhat paler than normal complexion.

Chrys wears a long-sleeved blue jacket cut just below her ribs, with purple ends on the sleeves with gold trim, and a purple strap connecting the sides of the jacket over a white sleeveless short shirt, with her symbol on the back trimmed in white, and purple gloves that extend past her elbow, ending at her hands with a ring on her middle finger. She also wears a knee-length blue skirt slit up to her waist to allow better movement over a pair of light purple tight shorts. Her purple belt also has a pair of holsters on the back for her weapons. Finally, she wears a pair of white knee-length stockings, a purple garter on her left leg with a gold (fake) gem on it, and blue laceless slip on shoes.


Chrys is quiet and calm, always aware of those around her. Her calm demeanor hides a sharp, intelligent mind. She hides how smart she really is due to the teasing she received as a child from the other children around her, who often called her names. In her free time, she is often seen drawing in her sketch pad, and her doodles are used to decorate her room. She still doesn’t like being teased, and if she sees another person being teased, she’ll often try to turn the teasing back on the teaser.

Chrys is a free spirit, and does not hesitate to speak her mind, sometimes to the detriment of those around her. While she can be calm and friendly, she can quickly turn cold and bitter to her enemies. One way to quickly mark oneself as a potential enemy is messing with her sketchbook in any way. Drawing horns and a tail on a sketch of a friend is a fast track to Chrys’s enemy list. Her friends however, are given nicknames based on her observations of them, showing how she thinks of them.

In battle, Chrys takes a calculating look at what is going on. She tries to plan out what the next best action is and sticks to it, often with poor results due to her inexperience. Despite this, she doesn't try to take command of whatever group she's with, but instead tries to do her own thing. People have tried to dissuade her of this, trying to get her to focus on teamwork and adapting her plans to the events going on around her. Time will tell if this sinks in or not.


Chrys loves to sketch in her free time, and can also be found reading fairly often. She has also begun getting into gaming on her scroll.


Chrys was born from an extramarital affair between a human major of Atlas’ military and a Faunus woman. Her mother stressed the importance of studying and hard work upon the young Faunus, whose natural intelligence made itself clear at a young age. Looking at the world around her, Chrys saw the need for Hunters, and aspired to become one herself, enrolling into Alsius Academy. Once there, Chrys began impressing the teachers with her exam scores brought on by her studying and intelligence. While her teachers were impressed, several of the students were not, and began teasing her on her intelligence and being a Faunus. Chrys forged her weapons, Ceres and Eris, and ultimately graduated in the top 5% of her class through her own hard work, allowing her to enter Atlas Academy.


Aura and Semblance:

Chrys’ ice-blue Aura hangs around her like a layer of freshly-fallen snow, with “snowflakes” coming off of her as she moves.

Her Semblance allows her to use her aura to reduce friction on her body in its entirety, or, after some training, on specific parts. With the friction reduced, this can allow her to move like she's moving on ice. It's not uncommon to see her using this to help her get around by "skating". When she uses it, her body is surrounded by the glow of her ice-blue aura. Certain surfaces are easier to use her semblance on, while rough surfaces such as sand, small gravel, and sandpaper-like surfaces are much harder for her to use her semblance on. Chrys must be mindful of her speed and angle of travel when using her Semblance, as one wrong move can send her tumbling into objects, other students, or veering off in other directions.


Ceres and Eris, a pair of bladed tonfas. Each of the tonfas has two buttons on the grips, covered by covers that shift seamlessly into her weapons, one near where the grip meets the shaft of the tonfa, and the other at the end of the grips that acts as a trigger. One simply retracts the blades into the tonfas, and the other causes the tonfas to fire bullets laced with Dust from the shaft of the tonfas. Chrys prefers Ice Dust for her bullets, but they are capable of firing bullets laced with any type of Dust, and it’s not uncommon to see Chrys swapping magazines of different types of bullets mid-fight as needed.

Fighting Style:

Chrys utilizes her Semblance and tonfas’s bullets to harass an opponent from range. She also uses her Semblance to not only build up speed, but to help her escape if she ever gets ensnared or grabbed, since grabbing her while her Semblance is active is like trying to grab a greased pig, allowing her to slip out of her opponent’s grasp. While she is capable in melee combat by rotating her tonfas to the point that the blades point forward instead of backward, she does not prefer melee combat, instead preferring to engage the target at range.


None yet.


Chrys considers herself demisexual.
Chrys got into gaming from a game called "Capsumon" (Pretty much the RWBY version of Pokemon.)
Chrys has a habit of occasionally drawing her friends as the opposite gender, but she keeps those sketches as hidden as she can.



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